Director’s Profile


Mr. Salman   Chief Executive/ Executive Director
Ms. Irsa Faruqui   Non-Executive Director
Mr. Muhammad Saad Iqbal   Non-Executive Director
Mr. Sharjeel   Non-Executive Director
Mr. Jawad   Non-Executive Director
Mr. Muhammad Ashfaq   Independent Director
Ms. Areej Rafique   Independent Director


Mr. Salman Yousuf :

has consented to be appointed as executive director. He has completed his MBA (Masters in Business Administration) from Iqra University and has more than 10 years of experience in the field of Information Technology. He has acted as Executive Vice President (Digital Marketing) for four years and presently working as Chief Operating Officer for over three years in a reputed tech company. He is a tax filer and eligible to be appointed in the Board.

Ms. Irsa Faruqui :

Ms. Irsa Faruqui has shown her consent to be appointed as non-executive female director. She has completed her graduation in media sciences (advertising) from Iqra University and begun her career in advertising in 2007. She has remarkable working experience with large names like She has worked as Senior Strategy and Events Manager and currently she is acting as President – Executive Management since 2016 in a reputed tech company. She is tax filer and eligible to be appointed in the Board.

Mr. Muhammad Saad Iqbal :

Mr. Muhammad Saad Iqbal has shown his consented to be appointed as non-executive director. He has completed his master’s degree in business administration (MBA). He has started his career back in 2003 and since then he has been associated with big companies of IT and media groups. He has worked as Senior Manager Business Unit for more than 11 years and currently he is associated with reputed tech company as President – Executive Management since 2016. He is a tax filer and eligible to be appointed in the Board.

Mr. Sharjeel :

Mr. Sharjeel has shown his consent to be appointed as non-executive director. He is a sole proprietor and associated with many groups of real estate development. He is a certified Realtor from Real Estate Regulatory Authority, Dubai. He has completed his graduation from University of Karachi and has completed MIS (Management Information System) courses from American Intercontinental University AIU (UK). He has extensive experience in marketing and real estate. He is a tax filer and eligible to be appointed in the Board.

Mr. Jawad :

Mr. Jawad working as Executive Director for two and half years, in the Inter-market Securities (Pvt) Ltd and prior to that, has worked as CFO and Company Secretary in the same Company. He has completed his mandatory Chartered Accountancy Article from PWC.

Mr. Muhammad Ashfaq :

Mr. Muhammad Ashfaq partner of Alluhaid and Al Yahya firm and also Chief Executive of AA Global advisory Firm. In addition to this he is also serving as corporate advisor of Mansour Al Mosaid Group of companies that base in Saudia Arabia. He is Chartered Accountant with varied certifications including ACMA (UK), CGMA (UK) and CPA (Australia) with over 22 years of audit, financial and corporate advisory experience primarily inn Financial services.

Ms. Areej Rafique :

Ms. Areej Rafique an independent director of Sana Industries Limited and also the Product Market Manager at Pakistan Oxygen Limited (formerly Linde Pakistan). She has also served at Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited and Landmark Group (Dubai). She holds masters degree in Business Administration from Heriot Watt University (Scotland-UK) and BE-Telecommunication from NED University of Engineering and technology, Karachi.

Legal Advisor:
Bhagwan Das Advocate High Court.
S.M. Suhail & Co. Chartered Accountants


Pattern of Shareholding

S. No. Shareholder’s Category Number of Shareholders Number of Shares Value of Shares Percentage
Directors /Chief Executive Office and their spous and minor children
1 200 2000
General public
1 100 1,000 0.02
  351 500,000 5,000,000 100


Code of Conduct

  • Director training
  • Employee retirement
  • Director meeting
  • Applicability ( member of B.O. Director, Senior Manger person, All employee)
  • Company policy ( HR assigned )
  • Work environments
  • Communication involvement ( both upper to nominal and nominal to senior)
  • Health and Safety
  • Supplies ( un ethical activities)
  • Global and local economy
  • Global and local products usage


Corporate Social Responsibility CSR

Hallmark is driven by high corporate governance and social responsibility standards. As a business entrant, it believes in building long-term relationships with its clients, partners, employees, and the community at large. It intends to expresses its social responsibility in a range of corporate initiatives that impact its stakeholders and the community positively. As the company was dormant since 2000 therefore it was not actively contributing in recent years towards corporate citizenship through social service, medical services for employees, and also promotion of sports and entertainmentt.

Director Report

Performance of Hallmark Company

  • Operational
  • Financial
  • Internal initiative
  • HR initiative
  • SAP initiative
  • Future forecasting
  • Corporate governances
  • IPO in retail to general
  • Global and local economic value


Review Report to the member Over Statement of Compliance


Auditor Report to the Members


"In case your complaint has not been properly readdressed by us, you may lodge your complaint with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (the "SECP"), However, please note that SECP will entertain only those complaints which were at first directly requested to be readdressed by the company and the company has failed to readdress the same. Further, the complaints that are not relevant to SECP's regulatory domain/competence, shall not not be entertained by SECP."